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**Hey everybody!** I am Loriborn, and I'm the caretaker of The Tabletop Place, a Lemmy instance dedicated to the support of communities and discussion surrounding boardgames, tabletop games, roleplaying games, and all related interests. We have a number of rules you can find on our home page, but more than anything else, we encourage civil discourse and want to maintain a healthy and welcoming environment for our members. I currently also moderate r/frostgrave, and run the wiki. This is going to serve as an introductory post to our community here at The Tabletop Place. Some of you may be joining from some of the subreddits where moderators have graciously allowed us to share the site with. Many of these subreddits should already have communities here on this instance, but if you don't see your community here, don't hesitate to ask, and one can be created, with moderators assigned either from its respective original subreddit, or of existing moderation team, if they so desire. If you are unfamiliar with Lemmy, Federation, or the concept of instancing posts and communities, there are resources available on the official Lemmy website and Github pages that can be found at the bottom of the site. The best app, at the moment at least, for browsing and posting on Lemmy instances is Jerboa. You may also notice that federation on other communities is currently limited, as those communities, especially larger ones, need to accept The Tabletop Place first, before you'll be able to accurately see posts and comments. These should come in time as the community's user count grows. Additionally, custom avatars and profiles are highly encouraged! If you are a new user who has joined as a moderator of another community, please mention so in your application, and post here so I can apply moderator status for your applicable communities! Thanks again, and welcome to The Tabletop Place!

Hey all, first post on Lemmy! I kitbashed this guy for a game I'm designing called Delirium28. One of the types of AI enemies are called Booming Striders. They're melee models that have a 3" diameter AOE attack that triggers when you kill them. They also suffer no penalties for difficult terrain. They're bad at climbing though, and D28 is an incredibly high mobility game, so they force you to either blow them up when they're clustered but before they reach one of your models, so they all blow each other up, or seek Elevated terrain and pick them off on at a time.

What’s everyone been playing this week
For me Sunday is game day and this past Sunday we played tiny epic tactics, an adorably tiny but surprisingly deep turn based tactics game, and ramen fury, a bite sized combo building game where you each compete to make the tastiest bowls of ramen. Of the two I feel l will reach for tiny epic tactics whenever I've got that competitive grid based tactics itch and may even consider grabbing the expansions. Ramen fury failed to catch the magic for me and will probably remain on the shelf.

Tabletop Place Official
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