I’m trying my hand at printing an extra-galactic bug army on my D2 Ultra. Here’s my first finished print, printed on anycubic’s DLP craftsman resin.

Ooh, nice. Looks very clean. How is that resin?

I was having some occasional print fails with anycubic std grey, but switched and have been using sunlu abs-like navy grey, which has worked like a charm. Printed out a full 2000 point alien hives army, just need to, you know, start painting now.

Lol, I know the painting struggle! I have loads of minis from artisan guild printed out for my DnD game in various states of painting.

I’m really loving the Craftsman. I haven’t played with too many resins, I used zmud for a while on my mono 4k but I’ve had such great luck with the Craftsman that I’m pretty sold on it.

I’ve been basically printing non stop for about a month and a half with only a few failures, all due to support issues.

Look at all that detail. My fdm printer weeps!

Yes, but my resin printer has serious build volume envy.

My wife and I are cosplayers also and the d2 is basically useless for it.

That’s why you need both! At least that’s what I told her when I preordered a prusa XL.

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