Must have supplements

What the opinion is now on best supplements?

I own a fair few myself but haven’t been able to play most of them and they seem to vary on the impact they have, but I haven’t bought any since second edition came out and am curious what the current opinion is.

Secondarily I wonder how most players deal with all the various treasure charts. Do you strictly follow the rules in the books or do you create one mega list for simplicities sake?


I’m hoping to post proper reviews here soon, but my general feeling has been that the more recent supplements have been the most enjoyable ones for me personally. Wildwoods particularly is probably the best one yet, just for the general freedom and diverse options, but I’m also a fan of the vampires added by Blood Legacy and generally find most of the second edition supplements to be the most experimental and thus most interesting to try out. Definitely would grab Wildwoods first if you don’t have it already.

I’m actually working on printable treasure cards currently, and have a little excel sheet at the moment. The sheet and cards are both unwieldy and I’m tempted to make a software tool to handle it instead but it’s a lot to jot down and I’d wanna see if others were interested in such a tool first.

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