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Oh interesting, would these be the larvae then? A quick Google tells me that we have over 60 different types of native ladybugs here, so I’m gonna have to do some searching. Thanks.

And yes, I realise bugs all have their role to play and aren’t inherently good or bad. But I was looking for “is it likely that these clustering bugs are killing my plant”, i.e. are they a foe in this situation.

What are these spiky looking bugs on my (struggling) garden plant?
I noticed today that one of my struggling garden plants is absolutely covered in bugs. I have no idea if those two things are related (we had a massive drought), but I wanted to find out what these little dudes are, and whether they're friend or foe. Any thoughts? Edited to add: located in western Europe. ![picture of a branch with about 10 spiky bugs on it](https://i.imgur.com/aGUc2pj.jpg)

[off topic question: I see a lot of people including image descriptions in text for accessibility purposes. Is there a benefit to doing that instead of/in addition to including alt text with the images, which - if I understand it correctly - will be picked up by screenreaders?]

The King of the Forest and his helpers (painted miniatures)
Hi all, I've painted some miniatures from one of my board games. It's the King of the Forest with two dogs and a bird, all grown out of the woods. I really enjoyed painting them, organic shapes and vibrant natural colours make me happy. Would love to hear what you think. The whole crew together: ![A group of 4 miniatures that have been painted. The king is a large humanoid figure, there are 2 dogs, and a bird perched on a tree. They are painted in vibrant greens and browns.][1] Some pictures of the miniatures by themselves: ![The Forest King holding a bow and having a glowing yellow sword on its back.][2] ![A painted forest dog, partially standing on a stone, its head lowered but looking up.][3] ![A painted forest dog, its head raised up looking out.][4] ![A bird with blue-ish feathers perched on a piece of wood. It has a wooden carapace.][5] AMA about painting miniatures, always happy to chat about that! [1]: https://i.imgur.com/RvD13U6.jpg [2]: https://i.imgur.com/cMtlvDx.jpg [3]: https://i.imgur.com/nuBGc9F.jpg [4]: https://i.imgur.com/SqNiIBe.jpg [5]: https://i.imgur.com/80TVitZ.jpg

Yes, it’s a good thing! I really like the highlights in the green parts. So vibrant and intense. Doing a quick paintjob well is a skill :D

This looks great! Fun model and great paintjob. It looks quite cartoony, especially with the unsubtle highlights, and that’s a great choice for this model. Love it.

I quite enjoy falafel and I’d like to try my hand at making them, but deep frying is not an option for me. Anyone have suggestions how to make them in a skillet or oven?

That’s great, thanks! I’m not in the US, so I’ll have to do any shopping elsewhere, but I’ll check out the videos. Is it expensive to get started, or can you get the most basic necessities on a budget? (I tend to be a multicrafter, trying everything a little bit, and only spending more if I really want to dive into it.)

And yeah I’ll join you in the community, excited to learn more. Thanks!

That looks absolutely gorgeous, if I saw that in a shop I’d be like “I must have this!”

I’ve wanted to try working with leather for a long time, but I find it very intimidating. Do you have any suggested resources on how to get started?

That sounds fun! I was actually thinking about doing something similar, but only about a few ones I think are special. Would love to see it.

Edit: what I mean is, I think it’d be interesting content, not that I’m in any way trying to “compete”!

They are so cute!

Question, I have multiple friends who have guinea pigs, but they’re all quite scared of humans. They’re still adorable, but it’s hard to get any interaction with them. Yours don’t seem that way, did you do anything special to make that happen, or are my friends just unlucky?

It is a really cool game, yeah. The minis are great, but more importantly, the gameplay is really good! It has a lot of tactical gameplay without being overly complicated.

I believe they’re doing a second printing now which is fulfilling via a kickstarter, it’s been a challenging one to get. But it’s super well received everywhere so I hope it ends up in regular shops some time too.

Thank you! 😊

Yeah I should have said, it’s on a 100mm base, about 12cm tall I believe. Quite a difference from painting 28/32mm figures!

The game that it’s from is in 45(?)mm scale I think, but it has huge monsters. So this one is ~12cm tall, on a 10cm base

It is, yes! From Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood. When we got it and it came with such epic minis (and you reveal a new one every game), we decided we wouldn’t play with grey plastic anymore. So now in between each of the games we have to paint a new monster!

Monster mini from Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood (chapter 9)
cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/676951 > This mollusc monster is a lot bigger than what I usually paint, and it took me forever to finish it. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Would love to hear what you think. > > ![](https://beehaw.org/pictrs/image/e83f0c28-f0c2-48ac-84b8-2c6d84294a1c.jpeg) > > ![](https://i.imgur.com/S5AE1aE.jpg) > > ![](https://i.imgur.com/wbTVM9U.jpg) > > ![](https://i.imgur.com/ex0kAML.jpg)

I finally finished painting this creepy monster. What do you think?
This mollusc monster is a lot bigger than what I usually paint, and it took me forever to finish it. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Would love to hear what you think. ![](https://beehaw.org/pictrs/image/e83f0c28-f0c2-48ac-84b8-2c6d84294a1c.jpeg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/S5AE1aE.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/wbTVM9U.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/ex0kAML.jpg)

A bit creepier than most of the cute stuff around here, but I finally finished painting this huge miniature!
![](https://beehaw.org/pictrs/image/a26b3842-4eec-41ad-ac65-a16894b10562.jpeg) This mollusc monster is much bigger than most things I paint, and it took forever haha. I’m very happy though with how it turned out. Would love to hear what you think of it. (I can’t seem to add more than 1 picture to the post, is that normal? I’ll see if I can add another in a comment.)

Absolutely adorable, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks, that’s very helpful! I quite enjoy having the contrast paints available to me (been painting for years off and on) and I heard the same things about the original AP speedpaints that you’re saying. I have a bunch of both vallejo and citadel contrasts and I like them both, but they’re quite different. Was just wondering if adding some AP speedpaints would be worth it. Though it sounds like they might not be for me. I particularly like to use the contrast paints for wet blending, but if they dry so quickly that doesn’t sound like it’d be a good fit.


That’s amazing, that seems like an intense project. How long did it take you? It must be so nice to live in something you built yourselves.

That’s awesome that you managed to teach him commands! I’d love to do the same, but mine is deaf (has been all his life) and also generally not very perceptive or smart… For example, when I notice 6 cats while we’re out on our walk, he might spot just 1 of them if we’re lucky 😂 So I really have no idea how to even approach teaching him commands. But at least he’s learned he can’t just walk into the street when there’s cars coming (those he doesn’t notice either)!

Aww that belly looks irresistible! Worth a few scratches just to snuggle with it?

I second this, I could do with a guinea pig overload in my life!

Super cute! I haven’t sewed anything in about 15 years…but you’re making me want to pick it up again!

Also can I just say I’m in love with what I can see of your house ❤️

My cat Biggie (full name Mr. Bigglesworth, a white persian, is named after Dr. Evil’s cat from Austin Powers (pre hair loss!)

That looks lovely! Do you actually get to walk him like you’d walk a dog, or does he just explore where he wants?

When the weather is nice I take my cat out on his harness too. I just let him explore as he wants… Which just means sniffing around the parking lot near my house (which is the neighborhood Cat Central). I believe my neighbors now knows me as “that weirdo who walks their cat” 😅

Cute! Are there bugs in there/what are you doing about feeding it? I’d love to put some of my savage garden in a terrarium too, but I’m worried they’re not gonna get enough to eat…

Looks great!

How do you like the army painter speed paints? Do you have experience with the citadel contrast or vallejo xpress paints, how do they compare?

Such cuties! I had two rats too when I was a teenager. Some of the best pets I ever had <3 until my new stepmother at the time didn’t like rats :( Would love to have rats again, although I’m not sure if the cat would like that ;)