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Five more Ashigaru primed and ready for paint. STL from Saga Minis on MMF.

Finally got over my fear of horses 😉. Cavalry unit for War of the Roses.

Some Ashigaru that have been sitting in a drawer for too long. Finally got around to painting them.

Quick paint of these ghoulish guys this afternoon. Loads of fun, with each model having personality. STL by knucklebones minis.

Really enjoyed painting these. Sculpts by Medbury Miniatures

Printed up this trebuchet from Medbury Miniatures. Assembled, based, and ready for paint.

Printed and painted up some Etruscan allies in 6mm. Slowly expanding the force.

For running around and shooting things - Boltgun.

For running around and stabbing things - Diablo IV

Fro driving around and shooting things - World of Tanks

Here are some Vendel warriors that I just finished. Not sure what I'll use them for yet, just liked the sculpts. STLs from Medbury Miniatures.

Testors dullcote would be my recommendation. Should be able to source through your local hobby shop, or online through somewhere like Amazon.

Printed in a single colour, then hand painted with acrylic paints.

Printed up some Balearic slingers for some upcoming games. New resin which I hadn't dialed in properly, just pour and go. As such some of the detail seems lost, especially in the face.

Some quick medieval ruins I recently completed. 6mm scale from TheLazyForger on MMF.