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Replacement brush for Tamiya Extra Thin
Okay, so this isn't painting, but I figured someone would know something about this. What kind of material us the Tamiya extra thin brush made of? I tried to use some cheap synthetic paint brushes with it, but they hardened and broke apart. Anyone have any luck finding a decent brush to use when applying extra thin for assembly?

Yeah I intend to buy a box of cheap minis on Amazon to test and practice with before moving on to my actual minis.

Does slap chop work for almost completely white minis like stormtroopers? Or even necessary for all black minis like death troopers?

I’ve been watching some of those videos, but I’m not really sure if slap chop works for mostly white like stormtroopers and clone troopers? It also doesn’t seem like it would be helpful for death troopers or imperial special forces.

Maybe I will just buy the black quickwash only. Thanks for the input.

So here’s the conundrum I seem to run across in hobby stuff. On one hand, you don’t want to spend ludicrous amounts of money on high end equipment off the bat because you may not keep up with the hobby. However, if you buy really crappy tools then your end product could end up trash no matter how good you might be, and then you might just give up. Do you have recommendations for any specific middle of the road brushes? What about the AP hobby starter brush set?

Should I invest in washes as a beginner?
So I'm getting ready to dive into the world of finally painting my Star Wars Legion minis. I'm planning on getting an Army Painter speedpaint 2.0 set to start. Should I also buy the wash set? I'm not sure if it would improve my results as a beginner, though I imagine I will want them if I keep up with painting. I'm intending to start by getting this Army Painter's stuff: Speedpaint most wanted 2.0 set Most wanted brush set Matte white primer Matte varnish Project paint Station

Really? Can they be safely stripped even after applying varnish?

Would you say that overall it’s better to use white or grey for speedpaints in your experience?

You think straight white is a better choice than light grey?

Planning on using Army Painter’s speedpaint 2.0.

I just read that they recommend their white or light grey primers.

What color primer to use?
So I'm about to begin painting for the first time, but I'm not sure what colors to buy. I play Star Wars Legion so I'll be painting a bunch of stormtroopers, death troopers, and other very monocolor minis. Should I use black and white primers for them? Or do neutral grey and paint the colors? Bonus points if anyone can tell me if wildspire minis are good for a first time project.

How is the quality of Army Painter over Citadel? I’m in the same boat as OP and just starting out learning to paint. I know it’s more expensive, but I’m leaning towards getting one of the Citadel starter packs. I’m also thinking a handle would be really nice, but I’m unsure.

Wanted this to be here even though everyone has already seen it because I love it so much.