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TW:Warhammer 1 has the added bonus that if you like TW:W games and in a few years buy the second Warhammer you can ‘merge’ the campaigns in to a bigger campaign called Mortal Empires. You can play all the factions (and DLCs you own) from both games in that campaign. Same applies to Warhammer 3

Last project took me almost a year. This took less than three hours spread on four days. I like the eyes. rest of the pictures can be found here: https://kruulos.org/minis/Owlbear/

Thanks mate. Yellow is such a hard colour to paint. If you zoom at the farseer helmet you can see I did some shading but overall the huge flat yellow helmets were so difficult that I just gave up. At least I now know not to paint large yellow panels in future.

Made a lot of mistakes such as magnetizing all arms and choosing a bone white colour scheme for the weapons which shows tiny errors immeadiately. All in all I like how they look from far away. Just don't pick up any for inspection. Related MWM video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ModGwlC2vdI More pictures: https://kruulos.org/minis/Start_Collecting!_Craftworlds/