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I put a decent amount of time into shadow of mordor but didn’t finish the story. The combat is fun and dynamic, there’s lots of vertical traversal, assaulting strongholds is pretty cool. The nemesis system is silly but fun, it adds a lot of personality.

City improves on a lot of the batman mechanics and the variety of enemies goes up. I think it’s the better of the two.

However, it is a very different game, moving from a metroidvania inspired small locale to a big open world. If you don’t like traversing/exploring open worlds you might find it to be a downgrade. If you do, it’s a blast and moving around the city is an absolute joy.

I think it’s a typo and they mean the decrease in gravitational force goes from exponential to linear, but continues decreasing.

Denuvo is a very complex anti piracy system for games that is pretty controversial. There’s a lot of evidence that it affects performance and it forces games that wouldn’t otherwise need Internet to be activated online regularly.

It’s the kind of thing that a reviewer would mention and that some people would use in their buying decisions. Sneaking it in after launch is going to make some people pretty mad and I’d feel used as a reviewer.

I think it implies the company is continuing on but that job is no longer a position at the company. Redundant or unnecessary as opposed to a position that they intend to fill again, as you would with a firing.

Lay off is weirder imo.

We will make sure that you can stay on the terms applicable for the version of Unity editor you are using – as long as you keep using that version.

They did that the last time they had backlash too and then quietly removed it a few years later. How on earth do they think that’s something anyone will trust.

Your water supplier should provide you regularly (depending on local regs) with the contents of your municipal water. If you want to obtain your own rain water and make it yourself from source you certainly can.

I love how well received pipewire was/is compared to the drama systemd and Wayland got.

I couldn’t find a good one on their site so I downloaded the app. It’s a fancy notes app with templates for a bunch of different things. The hook seems to be the decentralized sync system.

My D&D group usually plays online, we get together once a year to play in person. For this year's (in January) I put together a little multi-tiered town square. Each important location in town had a corresponding index card, when a player wanted to take a look I handed them the card and had them read out the description of what they saw.

Can I ask why you’re opposed to using a subdomain: immich.something.duckdns.org? In my experience few self hosted apps cleanly support being hosted on paths and doing so tends to require some advanced reverse proxy settings like rewrites. I don’t have immich running right now but I did at one time with that method.

It’s free as in beer if you go and check out on the leanpub page.

Ah I think I misunderstood the quote in the article. They quoted him saying “These acts are totally unjustifiable” and I assumed that was about the protests and not the police.

Pretty rough around the edges, just did a quick scroll down and noticed several odd choices. Looks like this is mostly built via scraping or by someone who doesn’t really know what some of these projects are.

  • Home Assistant is just called ‘core’ because that’s the name of the main repo on github.
  • Mastadon is listed primarily as a facebook alternative.

“The murders will continue until morale improves”

– Macron, probably

API keys are generally how this is done. You create an account system with billing and then allow account holders to generate API keys that must be included in every request. On your side you look up their account via the API key and check billing status before responding to the request.

If you don’t have a lot of clients you could handle billing and key generation manually.

I am also a novice at hosting my own instance but I think I have some tips:

First, don’t use the allowed instances list. I believe having any items in that list blocks any instances not in the list. So you’ve effectively defederated from all instances that aren’t lemmy.ml lemmy.world programming.dev and sopuli.xyz.

Second, make sure your languages are set properly. In the admin page there is a big list of languages. Use ctrl+click to select all the languages you want to see. Make sure that Undetermined is always selected. On mine I have that and English, you might also want German and some others but that’s up to you.

Third, bump up your federation worker count. I doubled mine to 128.

Lastly, use the search to connect to new communities. There isn’t really any automated discovery from known instances, you need to manually be searching for anything you want to show up in your instance. I use the default admin account to subscribe to every community I want to show up in all.

Federation, especially from lemmy.world and kbin.social is also being kinda funky right now with so many new users. So I would also give it a little time for any changes to take effect.

And feel free to check out all on my instance if you want to compare how comments and communities are coming through to another single user instance.

On a local machine using X or XWayland you can pass in the DISPLAY environment variable and X socket. Any program that expects a local X server will just connect to that over a unix socket like normal. It took a little trial and error but there are some guides online.

Redhat grew at a nice, sustainable pace through open source software for many years. A few years ago they were purchased by IBM who now wants to see fast, less sustainable growth so they can make some money from their investment. The fastest way to do that is to force some of their open source users into paying.

They’re not native predators so good luck to them.

I set up a docker image for work that contains our prefered IDE and all our toolchains pre-configured. It’s possible flatpack or appimage would have been prefereable but I found setting it up via docker to be really intutitve.

I’ve only played True Colors, but it was also really good.

“decentralized” except that they’re keeping the core software proprietary and the main site in closed beta. Seems more like they’re using that as a buzz word to compete with mastadon than actually committing to open software.

I’m a professional software dev so my opinion may be a little biased towards generalist skills but I would recommend Unity. It has a huge support community and learning C# is a hugely transferable skill that an engine specific language like Game Maker Language won’t get him.

Since the headline is really ambiguous: the striking workers would like more ability to decorate for pride.

I noticed that too on my instance, but maybe 10 minutes after subscribing posts started federating properly.

It’s working for me right now, the only trick is to use the URL in the search bar instead of the !<community>@<instance> format.

eg: https://kbin.social/m/AskKbin

If you can’t interact with air at all then no, sound is just vibrations in matter.

But since this is really a sci-fi question it’s likely that kitty pride has some ability to selectively change how she interacts with different types of matter. Like you said she doesn’t fall through the earth every time she phases so maybe she can keep her interactions with the floor and the atmosphere solid while only choosing to not interact with a wall.

The vertical spacing between posts in the main feed.

I really like icy-nord-darker. Would you consider a slightly more compact version? You’ve already slimmed it down a lot compared to winternord, which I really appreciate.

Don’t get me wrong that comment was not meant to be supportive of musk, just a pet peeve about bad headline writing.

Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered with no.

Yep, on regular intervals your instance asks for the latest data from the remote community and that’s what it serves to its users. So it doesn’t matter if 1 person or 100 are subbed on asingle remote, it’s the same number of calls.

Now why would Soros donate over 80% of his net wealth to his own Charity? Think about it, it does make sense witg the current events.

Why did you write this like a conspiracy video? If you’re going to write context and leading questions for discussion actually write some context please.

Breath of the Wild. I got interested in the lead up to Tears of the Kingdom coming out. Finished it the day before. Still haven’t started tears though…