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Using it to determine if you get pregnant and then suddenly aren’t. So they can charge you for getting an abortion.

I'm DMing my first DnD campaign, and after 3 sessions my players are about to face their first boss. Printed on an anycubic photon D2 ultra in anycubic's craftsman DLP grey resin. They're all new players, so I'm pretty excited to see their reaction.

These guys are GREAT! And I love the paint jobs, they look fantastic!

I’m definitely going to print some of these for DnD campaigns!

Do you have any links to your 15mm frostgrave? I’ve been considering trying frostgrave, and 15mm seems like it could be a blast to play on the coffee table.

I'm DMing my first DnD campaign for a group of friends, and they're about to face their first boss fight after 3 sessions. Printed on an anycubic photon D2 ultra in anycubic craftsman DLP resin.

Yes, but my resin printer has serious build volume envy.

My wife and I are cosplayers also and the d2 is basically useless for it.

That’s why you need both! At least that’s what I told her when I preordered a prusa XL.

Lol, I know the painting struggle! I have loads of minis from artisan guild printed out for my DnD game in various states of painting.

I’m really loving the Craftsman. I haven’t played with too many resins, I used zmud for a while on my mono 4k but I’ve had such great luck with the Craftsman that I’m pretty sold on it.

I’ve been basically printing non stop for about a month and a half with only a few failures, all due to support issues.

I'm trying my hand at printing an extra-galactic bug army on my D2 Ultra. Here's my first finished print, printed on anycubic's DLP craftsman resin.