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Do like these sculpts a lot. Great paint job. Would work well in all sorts of games.

Best thing to do is probably just to buy another pot and transfer the glue over as you run out. You can theoretically use most non nylon brushes but it tends to dissolve the glue that keeps the bristles in place, so maybe rinse right away? I’ve used blunt syringe tips before with some success just using capillary action.

What’s everyone been playing this week
For me Sunday is game day and this past Sunday we played tiny epic tactics, an adorably tiny but surprisingly deep turn based tactics game, and ramen fury, a bite sized combo building game where you each compete to make the tastiest bowls of ramen. Of the two I feel l will reach for tiny epic tactics whenever I've got that competitive grid based tactics itch and may even consider grabbing the expansions. Ramen fury failed to catch the magic for me and will probably remain on the shelf.

The white SpeedPaint is actually a runny light grey that shades the panels of the stormtrooper armor. If you’re not sure how well a paint job will work just try it out. If you’re really worried practice on some cheap toys or something and just study how the paint affects them.

Slap chop works best with models with lots of detail to catch the dry brush, but works fine on just about anything.

If you’re going SpeedPaint washes aren’t necessary, they’re essentially a base coat and wash in one step. I would recommend some normal paints to do highlights with. Highlights are pretty tricky with speed paints.

Sounds like a fun way to do things with the index cards. Having the buildings be black and white sets a tone really well.

For floors I’ve enjoyed printing a texture and gluing it to some foam board for some quick terrain.

Played a pretty congested game with four players each with six man squads. The side hustle cards are great and added a ton of fun uncertainty eyeing each other up waiting for a card to be revealed. Unfortunately I rolled like I usually do and limped off the table with only one treasure and a small side hustle objective. The side hustle cards, in my opinion, are a must buy and add a ton of fun to your games.

Fixed the autocorrect

I haven’t had any problems. I usually use L.A. totally awesome from the dollar store.

Must have supplements
What the opinion is now on best supplements? I own a fair few myself but haven't been able to play most of them and they seem to vary on the impact they have, but I haven't bought any since second edition came out and am curious what the current opinion is. Secondarily I wonder how most players deal with all the various treasure charts. Do you strictly follow the rules in the books or do you create one mega list for simplicities sake?

Yep. I usually use a Rust-Oleum matte white rattle can when I’m planning on speed paints.

Light gray would work as well if you were planning to highlight with a white dry brush ala slap chop.

I really recommend you experiment and mess around. Paint can always be stripped, and honestly you can reprime over a paint job a few times before you start to lose detail.

If your using speed paints white all the way. You can use any matte white spray paint. Recommend doing a few test runs to get the hang of priming

This expansion looks really promising shame to have to wait nearly a year though. I’ve been wanting to be able to raid bases since my first game played.

Personally I like the Vallejo model color starter set, the colors are very consistent and I didn’t feel like there were any big gaps while learning with it. But if you want to skip a lot of the learning and just gets models to the table I’d recommend some of the various speed painting options e.g. contrast paints, speed paints, express color etc. But if you want to learn to paint as a hobby I think the Vallejo starter set is a great set of traditional mini paints.